How to Juice Fast Without Being a Crazy Person

How to Juice Fast Without Being a Crazy Person

I remember my first juice fast: I was 15, at boarding school in Colorado, and desperate to be skinny.

My roommate and I got up at 5 A.M. to go running or get to the gym before class started.

I spent every other moment of the day “fidgeting” to burn calories…a tip that was actually recommended in one of the many weight loss books I’d hidden under my bed.

This was before Instagram-celebs were sharing their glamorous looking cleanses and glowy skin, we just had a faded book from the 80’s inspiring us to drink nothing but juice for three days.

As you might imagine, we made it through a single day before bingeing on pancakes (it was breakfast-for-dinner night in the cafeteria…it’s like the gods of growing young women were taking care of us 😉 )

The years following saw me through SlimFast, raw food cleanses, smoothie feasts, one-meal-a-day calorie restriction, and the motherload: 90-days on nothing but juice.

((read more about it here))

Yeah, that’s THREE MONTHS.

My fixation on body cleansing to perfection and FINALLY getting the “perfect body” consumed my life.

When I gave up dieting, it was revolutionary.

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