My name is Rande Moss and Mossysentials is “wellness” with a lighthearted spin.


I’m a recovered orthorexic, exercise bulimic, and binge eater who now approaches wellness with lighthearted enthusiasm.

I’ve also lost 30 pounds, and healed joint pain, candida, migraines, and painful PMS naturally.


I believe…

that self-care should stem from LOVING ourselves, not “fixing” ourselves.

that wellness should feel FUN, not like a “should”.

that discipline and commitment can feel light and freeing. 

I make room for…

both green juice AND whiskey.

kundalini yoga AND Netflix marathons.

essential oils AND the occasional Ibuprofen. 


I live with my wife in the Pacific Northwest creating kitchen magic and obnoxiously claiming “there’s an essential oil for everything!”

On the “side” I’m an Eating Psychology Coach and Rose Program Certified Detox Counselor.