Dark Chocolate Tahini Cups (Plus Thoughts on Intuitive Eating with Food Restrictions)

Early on in my “intuitive eating” experiment, I’d hear people ask questions like this:

“But what if I actually have to avoid certain foods??”

With so many years of restricted and regimented eating behind me, I really didn’t know what my body would do if I ate without any rules.

Turns out that rule-free eating was exactly what my sweet brain needed in order to relax…but my body has it’s own set of feel-good requirements.

And, over time, I’ve learned to listen…and without going back to the land of disordered eating and obsession!

There is a “new me” and an “old me” and they basically look the same.

The new me and the old me said “no” to sugar.

The new me and the old me lived with a lengthy list of things excluded from their diet.

The new me and the old me travel with a juicer, and always have packets of sea salt, a bottle of stevia, and a bar of “emergency chocolate” for all occasions.

Here’s the difference: 



The old me struggled with binge eating, poor body image and constant fear about what foods may or may not be available.

The new me feels totally free from binge eating, adores her body (give or take the odd PMS day), and engages with LIFE rather than feeling swamped by food thoughts.

The old me judged the rest of the world for not eating the way she did.

The new me does her thing and lets everyone else do theirs.

The old me was waiting, waiting, waiting for the day she’d have the “perfect body”, “perfect health”, and “perfect life”.

The new me doesn’t play that perfection game. In fact, this new game is a whole lot more nuanced, flexible, and fun.

Sure, I’m a freak about daily green juice and no, there are no grains or sugar in the treat you see here. But if those things didn’t radically impact the way I experience life in my body? I’d say “to hell with ’em!”. 

I’m not attached to green juice or a life without sugar.

But I am (literally) attached to this body and her fluctuating needs become more and more obvious the more I’m willing to listen.

This is greater freedom than “eating whatever I (ahem, or my tastebuds) want”.

This is holistic freedom and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


Dark Chocolate Tahini Cups:

4 cupcake liners or 8 mini cupcake liners

half a bag Lily’s chocolate chips

1/4 cup tahini

1 Tbsp Nature’s Hollow Sugar-Free Honey

1.5 tsp coconut flour


Melt the chocolate chips in a double boiler.

Mix remaining ingredients.

Pour half the chocolate into cupcake liners and freeze until solid.

Scoop equal amounts of tahini mixture into liners, flatten, and pour remaining chocolate on top. 

Freeze or refrigerate until solid.


One thought on “Dark Chocolate Tahini Cups (Plus Thoughts on Intuitive Eating with Food Restrictions)

  1. Thank you! I didn’t know there was a sugar free honey! I love both the old and new you. I love the way you’ve embraced and come to love your body. I think so many of us struggle with hating our bodies and addictions and shame ourselves without letting anyone in. Thank you again!💙💙


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