Almond Milk Chai with Whiskey + Thoughts on Nourishment Beyond Food


“Why do I eat, and eat, and EAT and never feel satisfied??”


I felt bottomless, my appetite surpassing every grown man I knew.


At the same time, I was desperate to lose weight.


I clung to this hope that once I got food under control and my dream body emerged, life would be magical.


I believed this, despite all the times when I HAD lost weight and it still didn’t scratch the itch.

When the weight was off, I lived in constant fear of putting it back on.


Finally, I gave in and actually started eating.


Wait…didn’t I say that I had a bigger appetite than any man I knew?


Sure did – but I could also starve myself like a boss.


An unwell, undernourished boss.


Allowing myself to actually EAT – to listen to my body and give her what she needed was SO necessary…but it wasn’t enough.


In the same way, the most intense binge could leave me feeling empty.


I needed nourishment beyond food.


My old-self was obsessed with “upgrading”, “cleansing”, “bulletproofing” my body.


It was practically a full-time job!


These days?


My “superfoods” are connection, creativity, curiosity, and expression.


I’m gonna say something really cheesy, are you ready for it?


There’s no superfood as powerful as liking yourself.


There’s no amount of juice cleansing that can compare to self-compassion.


Now I make an effort to feed ALL parts of myself.


And since everything is connected, my body responds to this too and feels all the more strong, healthy, and capable than it did when I was focused on FOOD fixing everything.


So what does “nourishment” mean to you?


How can you nourish yourself in non-food related ways?


Pull out a cozy blanket, a journal, a mug of Almond Milk Chai (with or without the whiskey!) and see what you come up with!



Almond Milk Chai with Whiskey


1 cup fresh almond milk
1 tsp pure vanilla extract
2-4 Tbsp whiskey
1 1/2 dropperfuls NuNaturals liquid stevia or 1 1/2 Tbsp agave
tiny smear of doTERRA Cinnamon Bark essential oil

Whisk together. Serve hot or over ice.

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