How I Marie Kondo’d The Heck Out Of My Diet.


You know Marie Kondo, right?


In case you don’t, she’s the freaking GENIUS behind the book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.”


Some call it a minimalist manifesto but I don’t think that’s necessarily what it is.


Marie’s one game-changing piece of advice is that if it doesn’t spark joy, GET RID OF IT.


Then – whether you’re surrounded by clean openness or a thousand trinkets that you completely adore – you’ll be surrounded by nothing but what brings you joy.




While I didn’t literally use this book to transform my binge eating and obsession with food – in hindsight, I did exactly what Marie did:



How I Mari Kondo'd The Heck Out Of My Diet-2


Diets always felt joyful in the beginning.


They were tied to such HOPE.


Hope that this would be THE ONE!


The one that would get me the perfect body.


The one that would leave me with endless energy and eternal youth.


The one that would stop my binge eating forever.


The ketogenic diet.


The fruitarian diet.


The raw food diet.


They all came with a honeymoon phase and what felt like true joy.


But really, it was the illusion of joy.


:::REAL joy would have been falling in love with my body as it was.


:::REAL joy would have been being a good steward of the energy and youth I HAD.


:::REAL joy would have been seeing my binge eating as something that was there FOR me rather than a bodily betrayal or a sign of my weakness.


The diets were all bandaids.


The labels were temporary safety nets for my panic around food.


The hope and excitement kept me going when I was afraid to pursue hope and excitement elsewhere.


When it came down to it: I didn’t think I could live a beautiful life without (what I perceived to be) a beautiful body.


After enough years, diets, and binges, I had to admit: it wasn’t working.


The next diet was never the fix I was looking for.


That’s when I decided to drop the “fix” and go right for the joy.


I stopped chugging wheatgrass because it was “good for me”.


I ceased following diet rules because I hated my body.


I completely ended any force or punishing restriction.




I ate what brought me FULL ON PLEASURE.




The binge eating ceased.


The obsession stopped.


And the stack of diet books made their way too Goodwill.


***NOTE: When I say full-on pleasure I mean FULL-ON pleasure.


Holistic pleasure.


Not just, “this tastes amazing to me but I’ll regret it later on” sorts of pleasure.


Holistic pleasure means my tastebuds love it AND my body loves it.


This is TRUE body-listening.


We are MORE than tastebuds but food is also MORE than just fuel.


I eat what brings me joy and refuse to do anything that feels like a “should”.


The Joy Diet.


The Pleasure Diet.


Ultimately, The Rande Diet – that’s all I’m interested in now.

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